Vacations Away From You.. -_-

(R)Love needs LoveIt’s just been 87 days of being together..
Never Had I thought I would fall for u so fast..
May be because you’re different from others..
May be because you understand me differently..
Your smile’s so enchanting..
I can look at you for hours, days, don’t know how long..
Staying away from you is just not my thing.
We can fight, quarrel, stop talking..
But.. I can’t stop loving you ever..
Don’t know how I’m gonna stay away from you this vacation..
You’re always on my mind..
Oh!! I think I’m going out of my mind..
Won’t you miss me dear.. won’t you??
‘Cause I can’t imagine my Life without you..
‘Cause You & Me Together.. Nothing can be more Better..
I’ll Miss You Dear..<3


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