I thought I won’t have to feel that again. But as they say “the world goes round”, I guess I’m back with it, feeling lonely every single moment.

All this while, you’ve always been around, making me feel safe & sound with your warmth & cheerfulness. Every moment you spent with me felt like a thousand kiss of bliss. Although being thousand miles away from you, it just felt a few inches away. The virtual hugs always felt real, like I could feel the beats of your heart beating right through my chest, mesmerizing me to the depth.
Our  kisses, although it’s childish & funny kissing over the texts & calls, I always loved them. The late night talks, felt like you lying next to me whispering every single word into my ears through your lips. Sleeping over you is what I always dreamed about, and then when you would say ‘sleep over’, it becomes all so real under my closed eyes, imagining all that..

But now, now that you have created this all new invisible wall between us, pushing me further away every single second, it breaks me down. It breaks my heart to see you go away, pushing distance between us. Although the real distance never affected us before, but this mental distance is really creeping me. I feel lost, nowhere to go, other than standing here by myself wiping every single tear that goes by. Tears of helplessness, helpless that I’m unable to do anything to pull you closer.

Can you hear me, dear? My lips calling out your name to come back & hold me tight, can’t you hear me? I’ve always been talking to you inside my mind, though you never said a single word.

The desire to see you again like before is so pure, it makes me weep…
The impulses of wanting to meet you, the innocence of wanting to cry, all so strong that I can’t hold them back anymore…
You remained silent and left me with a silent kiss. Hurt and upset, I still nodded my head, left alone, trembling and sad…
All I ever asked for was a little love…
I guess that was too much of me to ask for…
I know that someday, you’ll find out what my love was like for you, I’ll pray it’s not too late then…

I can still see your face, as the moon’s dazzling light illuminates the next day.
Just let the light shine in my empty heart and set my soul ablaze…
Even the feelings I held onto for you are just now changing into words…
Someday, when I awaken from the dream of this unknown world, I hope you’ll be by my side then for sure…


Imagination Or Reality??

May be its just too confusing a little.. Or may be I’m just overthinking..
But the world is pretty much confusing..

Just gotta hold onto it..
Like the night holding onto the silence..
Like the dawn holding onto the serenity of the early morning sun rays..
Like the birds holding onto their nests..
Like a baby holding onto his/her mother’s hand..

It all seems like a dream so real, the world being full of mysteries and secrets yet to be solved..

Vacations Away From You.. -_-

(R)Love needs LoveIt’s just been 87 days of being together..
Never Had I thought I would fall for u so fast..
May be because you’re different from others..
May be because you understand me differently..
Your smile’s so enchanting..
I can look at you for hours, days, don’t know how long..
Staying away from you is just not my thing.
We can fight, quarrel, stop talking..
But.. I can’t stop loving you ever..
Don’t know how I’m gonna stay away from you this vacation..
You’re always on my mind..
Oh!! I think I’m going out of my mind..
Won’t you miss me dear.. won’t you??
‘Cause I can’t imagine my Life without you..
‘Cause You & Me Together.. Nothing can be more Better..
I’ll Miss You Dear..<3

Destined To Meet..<3

Wordpress_picIt’s so strange.. You’ll always meet that 1 guy you were destined to.. No matter how much time it needs, how many obstacles come in between, how many heart breaks you go through.. The Earth is round, whatever is yours will surely come back to you.. & I guess, this is how I got you..<3
It seems like yesterday when we saw each other for the first time in class, guess I didn’t knew you had an eye on me..;) You were that typically-silent-back-bencher -_- & I was an obedient-happy-go-lucky-front-bencher ^_^.. Total Opposites.. We never talked.. Everything was normal, you left the school & I was left behind, never knowing about your secret crush on me..
Now after 6 years.. We met again, you proposed, I fell in love with you, & I think i’ll love you forever.. I hope you would do the same.. things have changed so much now..

Nothing can be more romantic than being in love with the same person & waiting for that person for 6 long years.. Thanks for waiting on me.. Meeting you again has been the bestest thing that could ever happen to me.. I promise i’ll always be with you in your good & bad times, in your highs & lows..

Who knew.. A back-bencher & a front-bencher can fall in love..<3 I know opposites attract, but for so long, I never knew..

^_^ .. I wish you stay with me forever & ever.. till the end..
Because darling, you’re perfect to me..<3 ❤ ❤

Innovation in the financial world

Loved this article..

On Empathy

It’s easy to forget, as we stare at screens for upwards of 12 hours per day and do everything from paying bills to ordering food with our phones, that not everything happens via technological means. You may be surprised to know that if you had a lot of money to invest  — say, $500,000 more more — and used the services of a registered investment advisor, you’d likely get much of your information from them in the form of long, printed-out analyses.

This is just the way things have always been done in this part of the financial industry, and though banks and hedge funds and other money managers have embraced our new web-based, on demand, mobile culture, many RIAs haven’t. That’s changing though, because those very people who have spent years putting together five-page analyses to discuss with clients once or twice a year are doing a 180 and…

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How To Make Your Dreams Come True..??

To make your dreams come true, you just need the following ingredients which are easily available:
1. A bucket full of courage
2. A pinch of financial support
3. A full table-spoon of creativity
4. A full cup of will-power
5. Lots of hard-work & determination (as much as you can gather)
Mix these ingredient well enough so that you can make your perfect dream come true!!!

The Last Winter..

My last winter wasn’t spent in a good way. Different emotions flurried through my mind, different challenges popping up on my mind-screen ahead of the new year. My life became like a living cup of buzzing hot coffee. Never did I realise that with this last winter, I would be leaving my last piece of arrogance behind forever. How much does it need to get angry at someone? May be a second, but to appreciate someone, a lot of thinking. A little bit of arrogance can ruin your inner piece but a little bit of kindness and moral inspiration can change your views and thinking process forever. Leave the path of hatred and arrogance with your last winter, and let yourself get renovated into a whole new world of love, kindness, humanity..

So what will you leave behing in your last winter..???