Destined To Meet..<3

Wordpress_picIt’s so strange.. You’ll always meet that 1 guy you were destined to.. No matter how much time it needs, how many obstacles come in between, how many heart breaks you go through.. The Earth is round, whatever is yours will surely come back to you.. & I guess, this is how I got you..<3
It seems like yesterday when we saw each other for the first time in class, guess I didn’t knew you had an eye on me..;) You were that typically-silent-back-bencher -_- & I was an obedient-happy-go-lucky-front-bencher ^_^.. Total Opposites.. We never talked.. Everything was normal, you left the school & I was left behind, never knowing about your secret crush on me..
Now after 6 years.. We met again, you proposed, I fell in love with you, & I think i’ll love you forever.. I hope you would do the same.. things have changed so much now..

Nothing can be more romantic than being in love with the same person & waiting for that person for 6 long years.. Thanks for waiting on me.. Meeting you again has been the bestest thing that could ever happen to me.. I promise i’ll always be with you in your good & bad times, in your highs & lows..

Who knew.. A back-bencher & a front-bencher can fall in love..<3 I know opposites attract, but for so long, I never knew..

^_^ .. I wish you stay with me forever & ever.. till the end..
Because darling, you’re perfect to me..<3 ❤ ❤


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