True Love I Never Recognised..

We,┬áthe youngsters of todays generation, always feel lonely & left out during the Valentine’s week. Starting with promise day, accompanied by chocolate, teddy, hug and many more going until the Valentine’s Day. Some enjoy it & some don’t. We get so lost in this unrealistic & artificial love that we un-see the love our parents shower on us their whole life. From the day we are born till the day our parents die, and even after death, they keep loving us. They fulfil our needs and desires, whether small or big. As we start growing up in our teens, we stop acknowledging them. Disapproval leads to fights and quarrels, creating a scar between the relationship and we realise it, it gets too late. My only requests to our youngsters this valentine is before you buy a gift for your gf/bf, take some time out to celebrate the day of love with your beloved parents because without them, you wouldn’t be here.
Happy Valentine’s Day..^_^